I’m a Winner!

I won $4.00 in the lottery! Or, actually, I did not win. I just forgot to buy the regular tickets that I normally buy…..and, of course, I checked to see if my numbers came up. They didn’t. So, I guess I can consider myself to be a winner – saved four bucks by not playing numbers that didn’t win.

I’m getting desperate. I bought one of those scratch-off tickets today. I have never wasted my money on those, and, of course, it was waste of time, money, and effort. Not a winner. That’s not true. I am a winner, big time. I have a healthy, beautiful little girl. I have food in the fridge. I have so much more than many. I know it. And I am grateful. If it wasn’t for this one little problem – the ticket, I would consider myself the luckiest woman alive.

Does anyone know how long it takes to get evicted if you don’t pay your rent? I mean, I could pay the ticket right now, but I would not have money to pay rent. Which one is better? To be able to earn a living by having a driver license, or having a roof over your head? Which one would you pick? I guess the license would give me a better chance to earn more money, but the thought that they might evict me before I get there is scary. I have never lived under a bridge – and I would rather die than take my little girl in a homeless shelter, even temporarily. So, I guess I will pay the rent after all.

I remember what it was like to sleep like a baby. I miss it. Lately, I have been waking up at least two times a night, feeling nervous, anxious, just unable to go back to sleep. It’s a terrible feeling. I know I’m not the only one with problems. Many people face the same problems and are able to somehow manage. Or not. I don’t know. What should I do? What would you do in my shoes? Would you pay the rent or the ticket?

I spoke with my boss, asked for more work. Actually, I didn’t ask, I begged. He said it’s very slow in my area, but he has plenty of work elsewhere, good paying work. He said he can give me a load of work if I’m willing to drive to North Florida and South Georgia for a week at the time. One trip like that would turn my situation so much better. One few-day trip would mean a complete turnaround in my life….. but I can’t take the risk and drive all that way….my boss doesn’t know that I don’t have a driver license. If he would find out, that would be the end of the world. A personal Armageddon.

So far, $33.00 towards the ticket from the Ebay listing. I am grateful to the people who donated 1-6 dollars, and it really helps, but it isn’t enough. Please, donate a dollar or two if you can. It would make a huge difference. Truly.

Here is the link again, just in case if somebody has an extra dollar.

About thesinglemomblog

I am a single mother of a beautiful, smart little girl who is my pride and joy.
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